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In the Spirit of Tradition

At Saint Paul Farms we are committed to celebrating North Carolina agriculture and we are passionate about encouraging excellence in farming traditions for future generations. 


We are proud to grow our Wines in The Crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains; the only American Viticulture Area that grows on both sides of the Eastern Continental Divide. 

Our Ciders are made by combining farming traditions from Hendersonville with the classic Cider making techniques that were created in Normandy, France. 

The Crest of The Blue Ridge


What is an American Viticulture Area?


An American Viticulture Area is a federally recognized wine-grape growing region distinguishable by its geographic features. Like Napa Valley and Champagne France, an AVA ensures that you are tasting something exclusive to the region. Only areas that are home to distinctive climates, soil and elevations get the prestigious designation of American Viticulture Area. 


The Crest of the Blue Ridge was established in 2019 and is named for the fact that it is the only AVA that grows on both sides of the Eastern Continental Divide. The Crest is nestled in 215 square miles of Hendersonville, North Carolina due to favorable climatic factors like temperature, length of the growing season and precipitation. These factors make it an ideal location to grow varietals such as Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Vidal Blanc. We are honored to grow all of our grapes in this amazing area.

Our Normandy Nursery

apple rows-1.jpg

An Apple a Day, Our Way


After visiting Normandy France and learning about the traditional culture behind Hard Cider making, owner and apple enthusiasts Allen Ward and Marvin Owings set out to create a Nursery of Normandy Apple Trees. Cultivated specifically for Hard Cider, Appalachian Ridge is now home to 14 different varieties of Cider apples that cannot be found anywhere else in the United States. 

While our current Ciders are made with a blend of local apples, we look forward to cultivating individual apple varieties the reach back to the root of Cider making. 

Coming soon...

Hike the Farm

Preserving the Barn

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